It’s that time of year again where the swimsuits get tucked away in the bottom drawer, those favourite wool sweaters get pulled on, a cuppa something warm is grasped and we hunker down with the rest of the community to share some wonderful musical evenings.  The coffeehouse season begins!

What better way to kick off the season than with our dearest friends from Kamloops: Doc & The Disorderlies. These folks are a bundle of great, original energy and good vibes!

For newcomers, the Sunnybrae Coffeehouse is the second Saturday of each month, October through to May. Evenings generally run from 730pm to late! (10ish… 11) and it is a sign-up, open mic kinda deal. Each coffeehouse also has a feature band who play a 30-45 minute set usually in the middle of the evening, just after half-time: a good chance to catch-up with neighbours, friends, refill that cup and grab a few sweet nibbles!

As always, all are welcome. Doors at 630pm, starts at 730pm. Entry is $3 and free for sign-up performers.

Why not fill your belly before the evening and head over to the Seniors Hall for chilli & a bun: $5!