After a member of the Rollier family asked us on facebook about the history of the SCA’s properties, some of our newer board members felt inspired to have a look into our records. Here is what we found!

We thought sharing this information with the community would be a great way to remember and appreciate the history of where these properties began, as well as to remember the work and generosity of the people who once lived in this area.

We hope you enjoy 🙂

The Sunnybrae Community Hall Property

The property around which the Sunnybrae Hall stands used to be a 3 acre lot. It was sold to the Sunnybrae Community Association by Dorin Rollier on March 18th 1954 for the sum of $75.00. At the time this land included the lake shoreline but was later separated and donated to the province to be developed into a park. It was further passed onto the CSRD who now operate the property as a public park.

The balance of the original title is currently owned by the SCA as of the date of our recorded history (April 27th 2007) and holds the Sunnybrae Community Hall as well as the Sunnybrae Seniors Hall.

The Badger Road Property

On February 25th 1916, the crown granted the title of the Badger Road Property to the Sunnybrae School District. On June 29th 1953, the title was then granted over to The Board of School Trustees of School District No. 20 (Salmon Arm).

The school was built from logs by Charlie and George Mobley in 1912. The first school teacher, Ruth Wilcox, who lived where the Raven Subdivision stands today, used to row her boat across the lake everyday in the summer!

The school closed in 1949, where the children were moved to Tappen School for 6 months before transferring to the Carlin School upon its completion; Easter 1951.

The school district donated the property to the SCA and as of the date of our recorded history, own the property.(April 27th 2007).